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    Reveal collection with 10 perfumed soaps for hands and body

The idea was born when the creators of the skincare brand MADARA met with the locally well-known young artist Cristina Luisa Avotina and fell in love with her bright and juicy paintings. A deliciously fragrant, colourful and compelling collection of soaps was created!

The new soap collection is a return to the classical soap, perfecting it with the best quality ingredients, natural fragrances and sophisticated shape.



Flower series

Black orchid

Exotic and sensual, it is a rich tapestry of fruit nectars and floral essences of lotus and white rose, with deep base notes of amber and sandalwood. Mysterious legend enveloping the quest for the void – the black orchid.

Magnolia and white pear

A feminine and sensual aroma of exquisite white magnolia flowers and ripe sweetness of pears. Entices with base notes of vanilla and praline.

April in paris

Romantic and fresh bouquet of spring flowers from the blooming city of love. Flirty tulips and fragile anemones lead to floral heart of violet, hyacinth and jasmin, enveloped in a sweet trail of dandelion honey.

Fruit series

Wild strawberry and basil

Wild summer dessert of luscious aromatic strawberries and tickling basil topping. Juicy mid-notes of white peach are complemented by elegant base of cedar. Seductive and fresh cocktail.

Watermelon and mint

Mouth watering watermelon juiciness with the zest of lemon and sweet tingling of freshly cut mint. The tropical breeze of the Paradise island.

Oranges and lemons

Juiciness of abundant fruit oasis. Sparkling and uplifting mix of red oranges and lemons, splashed with warm undertones of carrot. Rich mandarin sweetness, full of sun entwined with tangy blackcurrant berries.

Cucumber and lime

The crisp, soothing taste of cucumber sprinkled with lime juice and a dash of bitter ginger. Cooling freshness of a summer morning.

Gourmet series

sea buckthorn brown sugar

A warm and embracing scent of brown sugar and caramelised sea buckthorn berries. This melting harmony of sweet and fresh is wrapped in soothing after-notes of cinnamon.

Blueberry wine

Sparkling sweetness of dessert wine. Ripe blueberries wrapped in alluring haze of butterfly orchids, mixed with juicy notes of quince.

Cherry chocolate

A rich and delicious chocolate melting over bittersweet cherries spritzed with raspberry nectar. The taste of pure pleasure with lingering strokes of silky vanilla butter.

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